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Best Red Beans and Rice

The Nicest Red Beans & Rice

The first time you taste red beans and rice you’ll ask yourself, “Why am I just discovering this now?” Honestly, it’s amazing to us that this classic New Orleans dish isn’t served everywhere on the planet on Mondays. What is the rest of the world thinking?

Why red beans on Mondays, you ask? Well, we’ll tell you: In the old Creole days, before fancy front loading washing machines and Tide Pods, Mondays was wash day. Since there was no Uber eats back then either, and mère could cook red beans slow and low all day on the back burner without much tending, red beans became a Monday dinner tradition. (It isn’t bad for breakfast on Tuesday morning either!)

At, we’ve never met a plate of red beans and rice we didn’t like, but some places do it exceptionally well. Here are 15 of the best, in alphabetical order.

Cello’s thumb Cello’s

On Mondays, Cello’s has red beans and rice, and, on Wednesdays, they serve white beans and rice. Both are fabulous. Visit New Orleans Restaurants on Facebook and let us know which you like better.

Acme Oyster House thumb Acme Oyster House

They serve a lot more than just oysters here, including some of the best red beans & rice we’ve ever tasted. Pair a cup with a half a shrimp po-boy and you’ll start to hear harp music. Pure heaven.

Bistreaux at the Maison Dupuy Hotel thumb Bistreaux at the Maison Dupuy Hotel

Jazz great Louis Armstrong closed his correspondence with “Red beans and ricely yours, Louis.” Order Executive Chef Matt Regan’s red beans and you’ll have something to write home about.

Bourbon Heat thumb Bourbon Heat

The red beans & rice at Bourbon Heat tastes just like mama’s. Sit outside in the courtyard and enjoy every creamy spoonful.

Café Beignet thumb Café Beignet

Tear yourself off a hunk of fresh French bread and dip into the creamy goodness of Cafe Beignet’s red beans & rice. (Don’t forget to save room for beignets after).

Café Pontalba thumb Café Pontalba

After one bite of the red beans & rice at Cafe Pontalba, you’ll never be sorry it’s Monday again. Creamy. Spiced just right. Nummy.

Chef Ron’s Gumbo Stop thumb Chef Ron’s Gumbo Stop

If you can bear to pass up the Yumbo Mumbo Gumbo with golden fried shrimp on top, order Chef Ron’s red beans and rice. We get hungry just thinking about it.

Cornet thumb Cornet

This restaurant, from the family who gave Louis Armstrong his first horn, makes a jazzy pot of red beans, too. Like Satchmo’s music, it will blow you away.

Court Tavern thumb Court Tavern

Want your red beans fast? Head over to Court Tavern, the fast service sister restaurant of the famous Court of Two Sisters. They cook it slow so you can eat it on the go. Betcha you’ll be back for more before your trip is over.

Gumbo Shop thumb Gumbo Shop

Here’s what you do: You order the gumbo and have whoever you’re dining with order the red beans & rice. Half way through, yell “switch.” You won’t be sorry.

Mulate’s thumb Mulate’s

Fuel up with spoons full of creamy red beans & rice while you learn to Cajun dance at Mulate’s. Now this is fun! Aren’t you glad you didn’t go to Disney World?

Napoleon House thumb Napoleon House

Although Napoleon never made it to this famous restaurant and bar, you’ll want to be exiled here after trying their red beans & rice. Order it with their signature drink, the Pimm’s Cup. Bon appetite!


Oceana Grill thumb Oceana Grill

If there’s any dish this restaurant doesn’t do well, we haven’t found it. Order the red beans and rice with the Big Banana daiquiri and alternate one bite spicy with one sip cool. To die for!

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