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Tell Zagat about restaurants in New Orleans, get free wine

Do you like the food in New Orleans? Do you like wine? Oh good. We have something for you.

Zagat – a review site that you should be using if you aren’t already – is offering a pretty great deal to those of you who have dined out in New Orleans over the past year. Everyone who shares a recent dining experience through this simple survey receives $25 off a (qualifying) Zagat Wine purchase! That’s free wine just for sharing some information and/or posting a review that some of you would probably have posted anyway.

Those who pride themselves on their wit will be glad to know that the funniest reviewers will win a Samsung Chromebook.

Just so you know: We never recommend our followers do a survey unless we’ve done it ourselves. We wouldn’t suggest a survey that was long, tedious, and not worth taking.  To review three restaurants, it took us less than 10 minutes (and that’s with writing short reviews for each). Also, the more you review, the more you’ll help others using Zagat to find information and reviews for restaurants in the area. So really, this is a humanitarian effort.

Basically though, this all you really need to know:

1.  Click here
2.  Talk about New Orleans Restaurants
3.  Get $25 worth of wine
4.  Win a Samsung Chromebook for making people laugh

Happy reviewing!

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