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Indeed I found a restaurant in the city to accommodate my needs. I'm so very happy I put in an inquiry with Sooooo many Sales/Event Managers reached out to me. I had so many to choose from. From now on I will go through you all whenever I need to plan an event to accommodate a lot of people.

Thanks so much once again!

Tachic A. Hickman

Thanks for your help and attention. I have received manywonderful replies with lots of great information, menus, and pictures. Everyone is so proud of their restaurant! Now, all we need to do is eat at a few dozen of them to narrow our choices. :o)

I appreciate the time you took in responding to my request and want to thank everyone who e mailed me for responding so quickly. You have a great service and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Lynn Force

I found the perfect place for our luncheon through your site and your connections. I had been struggling on my own for two weeks before I found you. Thank you so much for the service you provide in making it easier for us to rediscover New Orleans.

Robin Cocke

This is a great website. I received over 2 dozen emails from various restaurants and my team had a great time! This is a very helpful website and I wish all major cities had something like this. Thank you!

J.T. Holden

Recently, I had the assignment to locate a venue for an office group dinner function. The requirements were to be in the French Quarter, reception style set up, music, if possible balcony accessibility for about 75 employees.

I happened to hit on and saw the form to submit my request with requirements. To my amazement and delight, within 2 hours, I had answers from over two dozen venues.

I searched and reviewed all the information provided, printed out cover letters and menus and made a decision that fit all of our needs.

We were very pleased with our results from your website and look forward to more opportunities to use it. Thank you and I look forward to working with you in the future.

C. M. Wilson

Thank You so much. I actually live in new orleans but your service saved me sooo much very valuable time as emails keep coming in. Such a huge variety of restaurants have replied very timely with lots of detailed information about their banquet facilities. I have yet to select a venue for our rehersal dinner as we are still comparing the offers. But I would actually recommend your service to every bride I know. In fact I have posted a post on theknot message boards to share your service with other new orleans brides who might be in my same situation. THanks Again. YOu have definately made my life easier not having to contact all of the event coordinators, set up appointments, go to the restraurants to obtain menus etc. WONDERFUL !!!!!


All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you... This was the biggest help, especially since I live in North Louisiana, and have limited knowledge of what restaurants have reopened post Katrina..

There were many restaurants who responded, so it gave us options. Thank you again!!

Shannon Zirkle

I was positively overwhelmed by the restaurants that responded to our request for group reservations for 28 people. We will definitely use the web site service again on return trips.

Jill Christianson

I want to thank you for the service you provide. I have received an extraordinary number of proposals based on the request I sent.

Much appreciated. Merci!


I had a number of options and all of the restaurants were great in sending the descriptions, menus and costs. It made my job planning the event relatively easy. Thanks.

Bruce Olin

I'd like to thank you guys as well for following thru. We were impressed that responses came back relatively quickly after we contacted your service

Daniel Perez

Wow, I'm still getting responses, and have to once again tell you how very impressed I am by this service! Your web site is positively awesome! Thanks again for making my job so much more easy! It's been an education for me, learning about so many different, excellent venues for small groups. Again - this is just sensational, and I thank you!

Richard A. Kaback

Thanks for your dervice. I have received TONS of very attractive offers. I'm so glad I found your site!

T. Dang

Thanks so much for all your help. Your service is great and I will recommend it to the everyone I know visiting New Orleans!

Karyn Allard

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