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Bourbon Street – Best Casual Restaurants

Bourbon Street CasualBourbon Street, the most famous street in New Orleans is known for its lineup of bars and round the clock party atmosphere.  Before you head out to paint the town red or when you need a breather, check out these casual eats along Bourbon.

Bayou Burger and Sports Company

Bayou Burger and Sports Company is a great place to enjoy a burger while enjoying the game on the television.  As the name implies, they’re known for their burgers. You have try their gator burger made with alligator or get all wild and crazy and try their Tur-duck-en, a burger. It’s a combination of ground turkey, duck and chicken with Cajun seasoning. If you’re not in the mood for a burger, check out their Zydeco hot dog, a fried dog with pepper jack cheese, slaw, tabasco mayo and spicy ketchup.

Bourbon Heat

The Courtyard Grill inside Bourbon Heat doesn’t offer your typical bar menu.  Sure you can order your bar favorites like hot wings (called Heat Wings here) and nachos, but they also have a wide selection of Creole influenced food. Choices include Maw Maw’s Chicken and Sausage Gumbo and the St. Francis Pasta Florentine. It’s a penne pasta tossed with a creamy Creole spinach sauce.

Café Beignet

Of course Café Beignet is known for their beignets, which is perfect for breakfast or a snack just about any time of day. However, their menu doesn’t stop there. The location on Bourbon Street is open until ten on weekdays and midnight on the weekends. There you can listen to live jazz and enjoy their sandwiches or fried seafood. If you’re still hungry after that, they have a bread pudding with praline sauce that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth.

Desire Bistro & Oyster Bar

At the corner of Bourbon and Bienville Street, you’ll find one of the most photographed spots in the French Quarter and a cozy, historic street side bistro by the name of Desire Bistro and Oyster Bar. There you can find oysters served in a number of different ways and other delicious offerings like po-boys and seafood platters. Their specialties include BBQ Shrimp and shrimp & grits.

Stay tuned, next week we take a look at the restaurants along Decatur Street.

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