Pascal's Manale

Pascal Manale's is in a class of restaurants that goes so deep in tradition, it sucks the flavor of old New Orleans neighborhoods and dishes it out daily in the Uptown area.

This restaurant invented one of the greatest dishes in the local cuisine, and if you visit Manale's today you'll experience something special that locals have enjoyed for decades. Barbeque shrimp--although many restaurants try to imitate, no one can make it better.

It's an ole stand-by specialty and even though you may not go often, it's a special treat every time. And when you go, you must eat the shrimp. They make it just as good today as they did 20 years ago.

The truth is the shrimp aren't really barbequed, and I'm not sure where the name came from, but who cares? It works and they will make your mouth water and make you come back over and over and wait for hours to sit down and peel. Peel? Yes, peel your own (it's all part of the fun), but before I give you more details about the shrimp, let me tell you more about the ambiance.

You walk into a large cocktail waiting area, shoulder to shoulder with locals, tourists and celebrities. Drinking cocktails and sharing chat with who knows who.

You might meander over to the oyster bar where the oyster shucker is popping oysters at an outrageous rate. If you ask him the difference between male and female oysters, he'll break out a grin and say, "You hold the shell closed, shake them close to your ear and listen. If you hear a rattling sound, be assured it's a male, as it has to be his family jewels."

Then after several cocktails, and much fun, you sit down in a dining room that looks dated easily over 150 years old. The waitress brings you a plastic Manale's bib and drapes it around you like a baby. You feel a little silly but you know what is coming.

The shrimp come out and you see shrimp heads, you see shrimp tails, you see shrimp legs and you see them stewing in a bowl of garlic, butter and pepper with an aroma that makes your mouth water like no other. You pop the heads off then remove the shell, then you dip the shrimp into that special sauce and then into your mouth. Ohooooo. Then with the other hand, you break off some french bread and again, you dip it in. Ohhhooooo. Heaven!

It's spicy, it's tasty, it's fattening and it is what Manale's past and present is known for. You won't be disappointed and if you go back for lunch, you can get the same treat in the poor boy version. It's almost as good as the original dish with the advantage of not having to peel shrimp. They actually carve out the inside of french bread and stuff it with those special shrimp.

Go Go Go to Manale's and try these shrimp. They are what makes this restaurant!

Review by Don Peirce

Dress Code

The dress is business casual

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 11:30 am - Closing
Saturday 5:00 pm - Closing

All major credit cards are accepted.

Reservations are suggested. Note: We do not accept reservations for parties of 5 or more at 7:30 or 8:00

Pascal's Manale
1838 Napoleon Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70115

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